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Reminder- School Emails & Fixtures.

posted 31 Jan 2011, 05:25 by Unknown user   [ updated 31 Jan 2011, 05:28 by Unknown user ]

This was sent to all schools in September, can all schools please take note!

A chara,




For the new season all Connacht GAA Fixtures and notifications will only be sent via email, to help all colleges we have provided you with a specific gaa email address. We will be sending on all Connacht Colleges GAA correspondence to this email address. Your new email address is:  admin.school@gaa.ie and your password is: xxxxx.

We have attached an information sheet on how to access the new email system, if you have any difficulties with accessing your email address, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the office. Can I ask you to email reception.connacht@gaa.ie when you access your new email address.

Can you email reception.connacht@gaa.ie with the name and contact number of the nominated person that will act as the point of contact for all correspondence. We require this information no later than Friday 10th September.


The Colleges Fixtures, the Rules for competition and the schools contact list are all available on the Connacht GAA website, (www.connachtgaa.ie), we will endeavour to keep the website updated however this is dependent on you forwarding on all results.


It is important that all fixtures are played on the dates specified and if a home venue is not available, the school concerned will be expected to travel to the opponents venue.

In the case of Colleges competing in the D leagues and the Small Schools competitions, we will strive to find a half way venue where schools are a long distance apart. Colleges in these competitions are reminded that they are permitted to play 13-a-side in these games.


I would like to wish you every success with your school in the forthcoming competitions. If you have any queries or difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me at the Connacht GAA offices: email- reception.connacht@gaa.ie or phone 094)9630335.


Yours Sincerely,



Hugh Rudden





  1. Enter mail.gaa.ie on google search engine
  2. Click on GAA Mail
  3. Click on new Email access on this page, it is center of page, (see page number2).
  4. You are now in the sign in sheet.

Username: (as provided, however you do not need to insert @gaa.ie

Password: as provided.

  1. Once signed in, you will be asked to confirm details.
  2. On entering your account please email reception.connacht@gaa.ie to confirm entry.
  3. The Leagues, championships and rules will be emailed to your account.
  4. All correspondence from Monday 6th September 2010 will be via email.



If you require assistance at any stage, do not hesitate to contact us at;

Email: reception.connacht@gaa.ie

Phone: 094)9630335